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Olive Squalene
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Botáni is Australia’s leading natural skincare brand specialising in innovative, treatment focused products created by a caring Naturopath. As a reliable provider of natural skin care, Botáni is committed to optimising skin health with  simple regimes tailored to all skin types, conditions and concerns.  

Squalene is the skin’s principal lipid, natural emollient, moisturiser and skin antioxidant. A natural constituent found in human skin, our skin contains 12% Squalene which is present in our sebum.


As a molecule, Squalene has the ability to attract oxygen to it and can therefore deliver oxygen to the skin’s deepest layers. This gives Squalene the ability to accelerate new cell growth and healing both old and new skin tissue.


Designed to keep skin hydrated and nourished, Squalene  is vital in the physiology of our largest organ


Squalene declines in production as we age. From as young as 25, our sweat glands and active sebaceous glands produce less sebum and Squalene, with the changes resulting in skin dehydration, sensitivity and premature ageing.


If we want the effects of Squalene to continue, we therefore need to find a replenishment source.


Squalene, aside from that found in our skin, is found in a number of sources in the both the plant world and the animal kingdom. Squalene can be found in sharks, assisting their skin to remain oxygenated as they swim at the great depths of the sea, along with in the stomach oil of birds. However nature has provided us with a vegan friendly alternative …


Botáni products contain Squalene derived from olives – Olive Squalene– which are the perfect moisturising companion for your skin.


Olive Squalene replicates the molecular structure of human sebum(Squalene) and has the ability to boost the natural moisturising function of the skin. When  Olive Squalene is applied topically, it supports the hydro lipid layer on the skin and assists in forming the skin’s vital protective barrier. It prevents moisture evaporating from the skin by locking moisture into skin cells.


Once Olive Squalene is absorbed into the skin, it penetrates the skin’s deepest layers. Attracting and delivering oxygen to skin cells, Olive Squalene has the ability to boost the skin’s ability to stimulate collagen and elasticity.

Vital to skin as water is to life